July 12-14, 2021 | Minneapolis, MN

Achieving Organization-Wide Customer Centricity

Customer Experience Ecosystem

Be Inspired. Inspire Others.

Purposely Atypical!

Fab Facilitators, NOT Speakers Out of the Box Networking Powerpoint Free Zones Return on Relationships

Don't Miss Out! SEE YOU IN Minneapolis








Unleash the Power of Organization-Wide Customer Centricity

The Customer Experience Ecosystem provides the tools, insight and relationships to execute your customer experience strategy; improving customer satisfaction rates, reducing customer churn and increasing revenue!





More than Just Another CX Event

This is a Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange! An event like no other, and undoubtedly a unique event experience where collaboration and networking lead to more actionable takeaways in the first half day, than at the last 5 events you attended combined.

The DNA of the Executive MindXchange is to inspire and be inspired. You’ll leave with 10 new best friends, another reason why our event NPS scores are the event industry’s best.

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